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Sharing Files
You can share as many files as you want from the Library view.  Files that are in your library, and have the Shared column checked, will be listed with any networks you connect to, and be available for searching or direct browsing by other users.

Add a Directory

In the main Library view, click the Add button in the upper-left corner.  You can then select any folder on your local system to be shared.

There are a few different file-types that can be selected for inclusion with any folder:

Audio - .mp3 .flac .ogg
Video - .avi .mkv .mp4 .ogv .webm .mpg .mpeg .m4v .flv .mov .wmv
Images - .jpg .jpeg .png
Text - .txt .pdf .epub
Other - files not matched by the previous types

These types can be included/excluded any time by right-clicking any root folder and using the File Types sub-menu.

Web Access

You can allow any Tor Browser user to access your files very easily.  Go to the Contacts menu by clicking the button with your user name, and then look at the Web Access sub-menu.

First, turn on web access by selecting the "On" item on the menu.  Then come back and select the Users item to setup access control for the web.

You can click the Add button and add guest access, a named user that logs in from yoursite.onion/login, or allow user registration from yoursite.onion/register.


Groups are used for more detailed control over what files are shared with which networks and contacts.  This allows you to keep certain files private but still share them with trusted users or networks.

More details about how groups work can be found our our Groups support page.

Special .txt File Treatment

When a user is browsing your files, either through DarkMX or the web via the Tor browser, and a text file is clicked, it will be rendered directly, including processing color text and URLs.  The allows you to create your own hidden web sites, with clickable links and formatted text, simply by using .txt files.  More information about this is available here.

Text files can also be right-clicked and downloaded directly, just like any other file.

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