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Text Sites
You can make a simple web site in DarkMX using just .txt files.  This can include color text and links to other pages or files or folders on your own site or on the sites of other users.  It can be shared on the web via an .onion address and viewed easily through the standard Tor Browser from any device.

Here is a step-by-step example to create a small 3-page site.

Step 1:  Create a Folder

Somewhere convenient on your local hard-drive, create a new folder.  This is just a place to keep your text files.  Name it "site" or something like that.

Step 2:  Add Folder to Library

In the Library view, click the Add button at the top, and find the folder you just created.  Click OK, and the folder is now in your Library.

Step 3:  Create Text Files

Create three .txt files.  Call them "welcome.txt", "photos.txt", "interests.txt".  Leave these files empty for now.  Once they have been created, the Library will scan them, which will make it possible to copy links to them later.

Step 4:  Add Content to Text Files

In welcome.txt:
Hello and welcome.

darkmx:file:guest123@pyse5hl5yifpg3lpvro2kyht4diga46yg2q/site/photos.txt|"My Photography"

darkmx:file:guest123@pyse5hl5yifpg3lpvro2kyht4diga46yg2q/site/interests.txt|"My Other Interests"

These are just example links, and won't work.  You must replace them with links to your own content by going to the actual text files you just created in the Library, right-clicking, and selecting Copy Link.

In photos.txt:
Here are the categories of photos I am sharing.


More will be posted soon.

And in interests.txt:
I have many interests.  Here are some links to things I enjoy: - sharing files - watch the weather - technology news and discussions

Step 5:  View Your New Site

Simply browse yourself within DarkMX, find your new folder, and double-click the welcome.txt file.  It will open in the same browse window.  You can then right-click the file button at the top, copy a link, and paste it into your user info.

You can also view your .onion site in the Tor Browser itself.  Click the button at the top of the contact menu with your username on it.  Then from the dropdown menu, look in the Web Access submenu.

Once you have enabled web access, you can copy a link to your .onion site to use in the Tor Browser.  You can also view a QR code that you can scan with the Tor Browser on an Android smart-phone, so you can access your content from anywhere.

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