DarkMX is a new decentralized communication app that utilizes Tor hidden services to allow you to easily have an anonymous, reliable, and censorship-resistant presence on the internet.

You can chat.
You can share files.
You can search other people's files.
You can keep a contact list and send private messages to your friends.
You can create your own custom .onion site, available to anyone with a Tor Browser.

Incoming ports or firewall exceptions are not needed.
Linux, Android, and Windows native builds.
No .NET or Java dependencies.
Stand-alone operation.

This app was created by Kevin Hearn, the same developer who brought you Tixati, Fopnu, Super Simple Server, and WinMX.

Download DarkMX

Android 6 or newer

Universal:    darkmx-1.38-android.apk67.6 MBGPG Signature
64-Bit ARM:    darkmx-1.38-android-arm-64.apk20.0 MBGPG Signature
32-Bit ARM:    darkmx-1.38-android-arm-32.apk14.1 MBGPG Signature
64-Bit x86:    darkmx-1.38-android-x86-64.apk21.3 MBGPG Signature
32-Bit x86:    darkmx-1.38-android-x86-32.apk20.7 MBGPG Signature

XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

Installer:    darkmx-1.38-win64-install.exe13.7 MBGPG Signature
Stand-alone:    darkmx-1.38-win64.zip14.0 MBGPG Signature

Supports any platform with GTK-3 libraries available.

Stand-alone:    darkmx-1.38-linux64.tar.gz17.9 MBGPG Signature
RPM Install:    darkmx-1.38-linux64.rpm11.6 MBGPG Signature
DEB Install:    darkmx-1.38-linux64.deb10.7 MBGPG Signature

Older Systems
Special builds for older 32-bit Windows/Linux systems are available here.

Release Verification
Our official GPG public key can be used to verify any release.
For details, visit the release verification support page.

Getting Started

After DarkMX is up and running, a new list of networks will automatically be gathered, which takes less than a minute.  Networks are hosted by other users, and allow you to share files and search other people's files.  Once you have some networks to connect to, you can go to the Chat tab to gather some new chat rooms, or the Search tab to see what other people are sharing.

It is important to try right-clicking things around the program.  In Android, a long-touch is the same as a right-click.  This is important in any list or tree view, but even regular buttons may have extra functions.  For example, right-clicking many of the buttons in a Search view will show a popup menu with several extra options.  The buttons at the top of a Browse window have many functions that are accessible by right-clicking.

A Final Word

Please keep in mind that this software is very new and somewhat experimental.  New features will be introduced as time goes on, and there are many improvements that will be made in future releases.  Please check the news page often for updates and always feel free to make suggestions or comments in the forum.

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