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Searching For Files
Searches are conducted by whatever networks you are connected to when you click the Search button.  The network will split your search into separate words and apply it to it's index of shared files, and return results to the client.

File Matching Rules

All searches are case-insensitive.

All words must be found somewhere in the file name, as whole words.

You can put a minus at the front of a word to exclude any results that contain the word.

Enclose phrases in "quotes", and the words will only be matched in that sequence.

File Types

There are a few different file types you can search for.  Use the toggle buttons near the top on the left side to select the file types you are looking for.

Audio - .mp3 .flac .ogg
Video - .avi .mkv .mp4 .ogv .webm .mpg .mpeg .m4v .flv .mov .wmv
Images - .jpg .jpeg .png
Text - .txt .pdf .epub
Other - files not matched by the previous types

You can also right-click the file type buttons to set the defaults.

You can also right-click the large Search button for additional options, such as opening a new floating window so you can keep a few sets of results open simultaneously.

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