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Tips and Tricks

Right-Click Everything

There are a few places where it is important to try to right-click things to discover all the functions.  In Android versions, a long-press is equivalent to a right-click in the other versions.

Anywhere you are in a tree or list view, right-click the items within to discover all the options.  This is especially important for dealing with folders, where the default double-click action will be to browse the folder, but you may want to right-click so you can instead download the folder and it's contents as a whole.

But more importantly, many buttons can be right-clicked to offer a popup menu of additional advanced functions.  This is mainly in the Search view and in a Browse view.  The Search button and the media types all have additional options available by right-clicking, such as to open a new floating view.  Also in a Browse window, there are many additional functions available by clicking the user and path buttons at the top, like sending the user a message or downloading a whole folder.

Try Web Access

Press the button at the top of the Contacts view.  A menu will popup.  From the Web Access submenu, turn on web access.  Then, again from the Web Access submenu, click the Users item.  A dialog window will popup that allows you to control what users will have access via the web.  For now, just click the Add button and then Guests.  This will allow anyone to have access.  From the Web Access submenu, you can now copy a .onion link, or show a QR code that you can use with the Android Tor Browser to access your library.  Other users can also access your .onion link from the User Information window.

You can also give web access to a chat room very easily.  In chat room Settings menu > Admin > Config text, look for the web_access_allowed=0 line and change the 0 to a 1.  Now you can copy an .onion link or QR code from the chat room link menu in the lower-right corner.

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