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Feature Request: support for the IsolatePID option when using ex

by Guest on 2022/12/10 01:32:53 AM    
Hello Kevin Hearn,
I have been a darkmx user for a little over 6 months, when running DarkMX on Linux, I always use the official Tor Binary. One of the options in torsocks.conf is the IsolatePID option, which isolates process IDs in their own Tor circuit. However, it requires a password based on the process ID and current time. DarkMX does not support this, so I cannot use the IsolatePID option with DarkMX, I do not like having multiple Tor processes running on my system, and I want my TOR client start as soon as I turn on my computer. In short, the ability to support IsolatePID in DarkMX is very important to me. If only it were supported in onionshare as well.

All the best,
by KH on 2022/12/11 08:32:52 AM    
This will definitely be in the next release, v1.27, which should be ready in a week or so.

Thanks for bringing this up.
by Guest on 2023/02/02 09:55:55 AM    
This works great in v1.27 !!!  Very nice.

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