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Feature Request: I2P support.

by Guest on 2022/11/17 06:12:13 AM    
Although tor is the most successful darknet to date, it is not the most sustainable. If 2.5 million users roughly, there are only around 10,000 nodes to go around. I2P is much smaller than Tor, only around 75,000 nodes roughly, but almost all of those nodes route traffic. I2P is fully P2P with the exception of reseed servers. It also has an API called Simple Anonymous Messaging apps installed seperately to communicate over the I2P network. I2P is also superior to Tor in the sense that it uses Garlic routing, which means that multiple TCP or UDP (yes, I2P supports UDP) are wrapped into one encrypted message to better resist traffic analysis. There are three working implementations of I2P, Vanilla I2P, (https://geti2p.org  ) I2P+ (https://i2pplus.github.io  ) and Purple I2P. (https://i2pd.website  ) All of them support Simple Anonymous Messaging. Unlike Tor, File sharing is good for the I2P network, and becuase if its P2P nature, there is more than enough Traffic to go around. File sharing helps the I2P network resist traffic analysis by providing large amounts of cover traffic. So lets take DarkMX into a new era by supporting I2P. Purple I2P is licensed under the BSD license, so DarkMX can ship a stripped down version specfically for DarkMX. We must not put all our eggs into one basket, support I2P.

All the best,

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