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DarkMX does not work with the official Tor router from the Debia

by Guest on 2022/09/26 11:10:20 PM    
DarkMX does not work with external Tor. It does not support the Tor authcookie when Tor is installed from the Torproject package repositories. I will not support the default location of the authcookie, nor will any of the networks connect. I trust the official Tor binary because it is the official open source binary from the Torproject themselves. I also do not need two Tor connections on one system.
by Guest on 2022/09/28 04:59:33 AM    
I'm not on Debian atm so I can't test it. Double check your torrc. But if it still doesn't work stop/disable the Tor daemon and try running the Tor Browser Bundle instead. I know that's probably less than ideal but it's another option to try.  If you use torsocks and if I remember correctly, try:   alias torsocks="torsocks -P 9150"

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