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Highly recommended to upgrade the tor router to to comba

by ASmith on 2022/06/19 06:34:48 PM    
Note the latest Tor upgrade is highly recommended to combat the west's Denial of Service attacks on tor sites, tor users, and congesting the tor networks as they attack Russia and whoever the Zio's tell their shills to attack. See the changelog on the newest upgrade, upgrade and help Tor and those that responsibly use Tor to communicate, not those that are using Tor to wage Wars.

Download Tor here

The DarkMX developers should code DarkMX to allow users to upgrade the internal tor router to a new release such as tor immediately. Lacking that, release a new DarkMX that uses tor in its internal core supplied installs.
by Guest on 2022/06/22 02:27:21 PM    
in the settings you can set it to use an external client instead of the built-in one.
that way you can run the newer tor client until a new version is released with the upgraded tor client as built-in.
by ASmith on 2022/06/23 05:58:58 AM    
Seems like I 'tried' to switch over to a much newer compiled tor router instead of the one that was embedded with DarkMX and it was a no go. Perhaps it tried to overwrite my torrc file and force control ports and other UNIX driven options, I don't know. The developer or staff helpers could post several torrc files as 'working' examples for what DarkMX is wanting or expecting in a switch over to a external installed Tor Router setting.
by ASmith on 2022/06/26 04:06:33 AM    
The main form of secure networking connections using DarkMX is via the Tor router. As I have pointed out and also indicated in the Tor Project change log link for the new Tor v0.4.7.8, older versions in use are not secure. Due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, EU, UK, USA using Ukraine as a proxy and cannon fodder a urgent upgrade to Tor v0.4.7.8 is needed.

As I have pointed out, there is no easy way for DarkMX users to upgrade the Tor browser internally with the DarkMX application. This requires a urgent DarkMX upgrade embeded with tor v0.4.7.8 along with a message to DarkMX users to upgrade to that release as soon as possible for their security and for the tor project security.
by ASmith on 2022/06/26 09:26:25 AM    
I meant Tor binary (router) not the Tor browser.
by Guest on 2022/06/27 04:29:59 AM    
DarkMx does not use the TOR browser/router. It has its own TOR Client in it that the Dev wrote.

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