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DarkMX and Nazi control regime is being established

by Guest on 2022/05/14 07:18:52 AM    
Dear DARKMX programmers, as you may have already noticed, in EUROPE (but also in the whole world),
a Nazi and control regime is being established.

In view of the above, an effort is still needed to perfect
your beautiful software.

It is necessary to provide for the creation of chats with entry under password.

I fully understand that you are doing an exceptional job, but I ask you
to be able to implement the aforementioned feature ASAP.

From 22 May 2022 the European Union and the WHO could give rise to the
Whatsapp, Instagram and email).

We will no longer be free to communicate between human beings!

Your software, WITH THE CHATS UNDER PASSWORD, would guarantee a chance to
communicate freely between human beings.

Thank you for what you can do to help humanity.
by BartS on 2022/06/29 05:37:19 PM    
Your concerns are heard and valid.

And you my know that fopnu, sister program already has PW options.

Often the DEV tests a new function on one of their apps, then when it gets refined and is proven to be stable, it gets ported to the other apps as appropriate.

The issues of privacy and anonymity are paramount.

As is, one can create a private, unadvertised/unannounced channel and invite another or others as they see fit, providing them with the required link to the channel. Adding a PW to this process may provide an additional barrier to entry but not by much.

Hardened devices I would think is more critical.

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