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DarkMX v1.23 failed to auto update to v1.24 now the darkmx.app s

by ASmith on 2022/04/11 11:14:35 PM    
DarkMX v1.23 failed to auto-update to v1.24. Now there are issues with the darkmx.app site timing out during downloading the linux .deb install file.

Suggestion, provide new DarkMX releases to a fiber speed bittorrent seedbox for rapid-fire bittorrent downloads and provide a working seeded .torrent file here on the DarkMX.app website for the DarkMX download versions.
by janet on 2022/04/12 03:27:52 AM    
The update push has not gone out just yet, but will be going out very soon.
There shouldn't be any downloading issues.
by ASmith on 2022/04/12 09:46:07 PM    
Http error code 404 now on the check-update availability in the DarkMX Settings Update Check feature.
by janet on 2022/04/13 06:42:57 AM    
Everything should be good now.
by ASmith on 2022/04/14 02:23:35 AM    
Thanks for your quick response on this issue.

Perhaps you can add alternative download sites as well. Mega offers free accounts if that's an issue https://mega.nz

I'd also urge an inexpensive Seed Box account to provide fiber-optic speeds to provide DarkMX, Fopnu, and Tixati's newest installs for 1st-time users via BitTorrent protocol as well. I'm sharing compressed archives of each install for Linux, and Windows on 4 (Four) different platforms.

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