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Questions and comments about the software
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In future it would be nice to get forums and mail!

by Guest on 2022/02/23 03:02:53 PM    
by Guest on 2022/03/17 07:37:08 PM    
by BartS on 2022/06/29 06:48:48 PM    
forums are near top of the list I think

Not sure about 'mail'

If it is anything like tixati, you can pass a private message to another user over the forums.

Would be nice to auto-destruct after the recipient reads it.
by Guest on 2022/12/19 06:34:36 PM    
+ for _tree-like_ Forums
by Guest on 2023/04/30 07:53:30 PM    
I've been using RetroShare a few years ago and it had forums and mail.

Mail was a great method to make sure the message will be delivered. If I recall correctly, encrypted mail was sent to other nodes even if wasn't for them, but these nodes only stored the mail and tried to deliver it to correct recipient. After expiration time or confirmation of delivery it was removed from these nodes and only sender and receiver keeped the mail. This allowed to send and receive mail anytime for everyone.

It would be nice to see a feature like this in DarkMX.
by Guest on 2023/05/26 10:24:32 PM    
I'd guess we are expectitng too much from one man - all for nothing in return!

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