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Feature Added Request for Seeding to help provide greater bandwi

by Guest on 2021/12/21 01:59:25 AM    
Feature Added Request for Seeding to help provide greater bandwidth speeds

DarkMX would be further enhanced by a seeding function of shared libraries, providing far more bandwidth being received as multiple connected users having the same file in their shared libraries would be able to contribute chunks of the source file in additive fashion.

The developers of RetroShare added this functionality to their largely C++ source code about 7 years ago and its been very helpful when multiple users have the same shared larger video file to provide adequate high speed bandwidth to the downloader. The RetroShare source code is freely shared and available at this link for the DarkMX developer to look over and add that enhancement if they wish. https://github.com/RetroShare/RetroShare  Thanks for your consideration in adding that enhancement to DarkMX.
by ASmith on 2021/12/22 03:34:16 AM    
This specific added coding request is often termed a 'swarming' ability where multiple sources of the same desired file are able to help provide portions to the ongoing download of the same file. This provides added download speed, bandwidth which is very important on a sometimes high latency tor networked circuit.
by BartS on 2022/01/02 06:54:07 PM    
WinMX had multi-source sharing.
Tixati for torrents obviously had it as that is central to that protocol.
Fopnu also supported multi-source sharing.

I think the DEV understand the concept.

And I think it is not (yet?) in darkMX for good reason.

Will it be? When?

Stay tuned.

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