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Request: Provide connection option that works with Whonix

by Guest on 2021/12/11 03:45:16 PM    
I tried running DarkMX in Whonix 16 and unfortunately it doesn't fully work. I am able to connect with others but they are not able to connect to me. (Incoming connections don't appear to work.) I made a support thread on the Whonix forum and they informed me that DarkMX doesn't appear to be compatable with Whonix's configuration. See what the dev has to say here: https://forums.whonix.org/t/access-control-auth-cookie-from-workstation/12992

If possible could the DarkMX devs provide a way to manually provide the Tor hidden service info so we can set it up manually? I don't know if DarkMX can work with manually setup hidden services but if it can that would help my situation.

Thank you.

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