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DarkMX Support Forum
Questions and comments about the software
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Feature Added Request

by ASmith on 2021/11/28 06:27:54 AM    
DarkMX looks very impressive for a Chat, File-Sharing application with its first public release less than 12 months ago.

Feature Added Request: I feel a Mail tool over the tor network would be very well received by DarkMX users.

Do you have a social media account, Twitter Account is ?

I've added a DarkMX chat lobby and a DarkMX forum in the RetroShare decentralized global communications FOSS application to help generate interest and new users to DarkMX for you. Drop in and say hello if you wish.
by Guest on 2021/12/22 03:28:40 AM    
There already is a existing send message tool and provision which I hadn't seen prior to leaving that feature request, thank-you.

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