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Questions and comments about the software
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is this just a FOPNU clone?

by Guest on 2021/11/22 02:55:39 PM    
why does this exist whats the difference?
by Guest on 2021/11/24 10:14:20 PM    
I think it's mainly for anonymity. Fopnu does not hide your IP.
by BartS on 2022/01/02 05:49:51 PM    
why would the devteam clone their own app?

has to be a reason right? seems logical to me.

The darkMX home page seems to explain it rather well:

DarkMX is a new decentralized communication app that utilizes Tor hidden services to allow you to easily have an anonymous, reliable, and censorship-resistant presence on the internet.

You can create your own custom .onion site, available to anyone with a Tor Browser.

Incoming ports or UPNP mappings are not needed.
Firewall exceptions are not needed.
No .NET or Java dependencies.


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