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connection issues

by Guest on 2021/06/19 01:48:37 AM    
Hello. I just installed DarkMX and I'm unable to connect or find any new networks. I've tried the built-in tor client and tor browser bundle. My ISP does not block Tor but I am on a high ping/latency satellite internet connection. I don't know if that could be a reason why but probably not. My clock isn't out of sync and I'm able to access tor hidden services from the tor browser. I've also tried reinstalling DarkMX and deleting its settings folder.

Startup Network 1 & 2 are stuck connecting and retrying.

Quick update before I post this, I was able to connect to both startup networks but not any of the other ones. Is anyone else running into similar issues?
by Guest on 2021/06/19 03:06:19 PM    
What version of DarkMX and what OS?

once you connected to the Startup Networks could you see other networks?

given some time could you connect to any?

are you seeing any chat rooms? can you connect to any?

if you can connect to any chat rooms try asking in them if anyone has satellite internet and if they are having any connection troubles.
by Guest on 2021/06/20 06:01:57 PM    
It took awhile but I was able to connect to other networks and join a few chat rooms.

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