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Network User - banned, removed

by BartS on 2021/05/18 05:41:32 PM    
On network admin, I see the option to ban a user. also the option to remove.

If a user is banned, then removed, does removing the user just boot them from the network? or does it remove/delete the record of that user from history and then effectively remove the ban?
by BartS on 2021/05/22 12:39:02 AM    
tested on an unsuspecting user...

as suspected, if user is set to banned, they have to stay on the user list. If the user is "Removed" the ban setting is also removed and they can rejoin as normal.
by Guest on 2021/05/24 08:12:00 PM    
That is how it should work. The network can only remember bans in its list.
by BartS on 2021/05/25 12:22:10 AM    
I was assuming that too. Just wondering if there was a separate ban list. On other apps like tixati, banned users stay on the user list while others can expire and drop off, depending on the auto-sweep settings

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