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[Feature Request] Tor configuration

by Guest on 2021/04/16 05:15:01 PM    
1. Please rename 'TOR' to 'Tor' everywhere as that's the right name.
2. Please add to Tor config the option to run the shell command to start/stop tor when the app started/exited.
3. After those two above are done I'll provide the ready to use more or less tested setup for pacman based distros like Arch, Manjaro, etc.

As an alternative the app could probe for existence of tor module and use ~/.darkmx/tor folder to run a separate from system-wide Tor setup or TorBrowser thus no need to keep the later running nor depend on that. Currently an attempt to use system-wide config is not possible due to different user rights (tor:tor is a separate user:group) for /var/lib/tor where the cookie file resides. An example of starting the dedicated darkmx Tor instance on app startup:

 tor --defaults-torrc $HOME/.darkmx/tor/torrc-defaults -f $HOME/.darkmx/tor/torrc

-- 45
by KH on 2021/04/17 04:04:03 PM    
Thanks for this post.

The upcoming 1.14 release has a fully built-in client.  This will be available very soon.

It also has an option for external connection, as it works now.  We're working on some down-the-line improvements in that area, much like those you suggested, with an external custom launcher and so forth.  I'll make sure it has all the bases covered.

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