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DarkMX with SuperSimpleServer.

by Guest on 2021/03/12 07:02:39 AM    
If a Linux system is running SuperSimpleServer hosting a tor site how does this affect the way one should achieve simultaneously using DarkMX's tor web browser based chat features to host a chat room embedded into the sss tor site?
by KH on 2021/04/17 04:16:51 PM    
You can use the same Tor instance with both DarkMX and SSS, no problems.

But you can't host the exact same .onion site from both at the same time.  So, a web-enabled DarkMX chat room on it's own .onion site could be linked to from a SSS site, but I don't think there's an easy way to 'embed' a DarkMX chat room into a particular page on a SSS site.  The best you could do is provide a link on your SSS site to your DarkMX chat site (and you could also customize and back-link using the Info for your chat-room, which shows up on the web view underneath the chat control.)

We'll work on some better integration between the two programs soon.  Another SSS release will come soon as well.

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