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[Bug Report] Shear Folder Visibility Issue

by HL600b on 2021/03/08 07:35:26 PM    
I Have a share folder visibility issue where a public folder share is not displayed in the user browse window, when certain sub folders are in it.

Plex    <-- Public share folder that is hidden when noted sub folder are in it.
├──Anime - Erai-Raws   <-- This Folder
├──Movies - YTS        <--Also This Folder
└──TV Shows

Very strange bug, I don't know what causes these sub folders to bug out the main shear. if you have any questions post here or message me on DarkMX.
by Guest on 2021/04/21 05:10:06 PM    
When I did  direct browse, you came up empty.
but when I clicked the PLEX link, I saw folders.

I also note that the startup networks have this advisory:
Use this network to find other networks.  There are no files indexed on this network.

Which networks you and others are connected to would seem to have an impact on how share folders/files are presented.
by HL600b on 2021/04/23 10:34:14 PM    
Im Happy to say update 1.14 has fixed this issue.

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