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built-in Tor over proxy

by Guest on 2024/01/10 10:12:41 AM    
Hello. I'm a normal user and I'm starting to learn DarkMX.

How to define work over a proxy in DarkMX for built-in Tor?
I need this because the Tor network is being aggressively blocked on our land.
Bridge methods, snowflakes etc do not work, Tor over vpn/proxy works well.

For example, in the Tor browser I write to the torrc file
Socks5Proxy (v2rayN)
But here I don't see the torrc file or any settings.
by KH on 2024/01/11 06:33:37 PM    
I will add an option in Settings > Tor Connection very soon so that a proxy can be used to tunnel outgoing guard connections.  If not in v1.32, it will be in v1.33, which I expect to be soon.

For now, you could always use an external Tor client that is already configured the way you want.  The setting for that is also in Settings > Tor Connection.
by Guest on 2024/01/12 11:48:25 AM    
Thanks for the answer. This option will be in demand.

I have successfully used Tor over proxy for Super Simple Server with an external Tor client.
I did this thanks to the detailed instructions.
For SSS it was necessary to specify Host Name (onion address from torsitedata)
Listen Address
Tor SOCKS5 Address
And in the torrc file:
# HiddenService
 HiddenServiceDir C:\Users\UserName\torsitedata
 HiddenServicePort 80

In DarkMX I tried selecting the 'Connect to external Tor client' option.
Address, Proxy Port 9150, Control Port 9151
I also do
  Contacts > The_user > Web Access: On
 Contacts > The_user > Web Access > Users > Add > Guests

But this is clearly not enough.
I don’t understand how and where to specify Listen Address and Host Name in DarkMX
and I don’t know what to write in the torrc file of Tor browser (I tried it like for SSS, but it doesn’t work).
As a result, I was unable to launch DarkMX with an external Tor client.
It would be nice to have detailed instructions for noobs.

However, setting up Tor over proxy for the built-in Tor client will simplify this moment.

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