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Multithreading(?) & UI design bug (mobile only)

by Guest on 2024/01/07 09:26:28 AM    
It's about exiting from maximized Chat bottom window. The only hack way to return from maximized state is to press Android OS Back button. In most cases, especially with slowish presses, that causes the app crash.
by Guest on 2024/01/07 04:48:50 PM    
Try getting v1.31
if you still have the problem, post here again.
by Guest on 2024/01/07 09:17:02 PM    
Yes, Channels window is fixed now. But... it's still buggy & puzzling from the UX viewpoint:

- Channels view stays on the another click of Back button after return from maximized when in split view (i.e. not maximized) - Good!
- In all other views (Networks, Library, Downloads, Uploads, Search, BW, Contacts, Settings) - pressing Back once and puff, the app is disappeared but still MX notif. bar icon is there!
The issue here is also that on A11 DarkMX item on Notifications dropdown is not sensitive (BTW on A7 Nougat it is fine!) meaning sometime it requires several (usually 3+) touches to re-activate the app...

Switching apps is better with another Android OS button, besides there is explicit MX - Exit in menu, so... maybe an option to NOT hide the app on Back button will do?

Also, in maximized 'window' state there are a plenty of space on top to have a small Restore (the split view) square 'button'.

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