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How do you install the Android .apk the Android system refuses t

by ASmith on 2024/01/01 09:17:43 AM    
How do you install the Android .apk the Android system refuses to open it after downloading? States unofficial sourced file, refuses to allow user to open after downloading it. Can you upload the DarkMX android.apg to the Play Store?
by ASmith on 2024/01/02 03:56:42 AM    
After installing 'APK Installer' from Play Store, I installed the Generic Android .apk DarkMX file. I found the other downloaded file darkmx-1.28-android-x86-64.apk was displaying 'incompatible'. Leaving the only alternative being the generic darkmx-128-android.apk file which when attempting to run, crashes each and every time shortly after accepting the agreements, providing a new Username and a different download directory.
by Guest on 2024/01/02 05:29:44 PM    
On my Pixel 6, I get a similar experience to you, ASmith - crash after setting my username and download directory.

But I have success on my Fire 7 (2022) tablet, where the app does function.
by Guest on 2024/01/02 09:36:27 PM    
the 32bit apk worked for me, the 64bit would not install. Apparently amazon tablets say they are 64bit but NOT lol
by ASmith on 2024/01/03 03:54:47 AM    
Thanks for your response. Sadly, only the generic DarkMX Android .apk didn't display 'not compatible' and refuse entirely to install (both 32bit and 64bit DarkMX Android v1.28 releases). As previously and now seen and experienced by another DarkMX user, the generic Android v1.28 release crashes immediately after adding your username and designating your DarkMX folder to use.
by janet on 2024/01/03 11:50:40 AM    
Thanks everyone for reporting this and sending in the crash reports.
The Dev is working on this and a new release with this fixed will be released very soon.
by Guest on 2024/01/05 05:11:20 PM    
Just wanted to share the good news that v1.29 works on my Pixel 6. Thanks!
by ASmith on 2024/01/07 12:39:34 AM    
Hi, thanks!

The Generic v1.29 Android installed and works on my Samsung Galaxy cell phone. Congratulations and thank-you.

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