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Feature Request: easy use of the official Tor Browser and its in

by Guest on 2023/10/21 03:13:57 AM    
For network security purposes, it should be possible to run and use the official Tor Project Tor binary provided by the tor browser or the official Tor Project branded Tor expert bundle. There are two ways to do this. First, add a file picker menu in the settings app to locate the Tor Browser installation directory, then have the user navigate to the location of the tor.exe binary, then have them select open on DarkMX. Now DarkMX knows the location of the Tor Binary officially used with the Tor Browser and can launch the tor.exe provided with the Tor Browser with the command line switch pointing back into a separate torrc file located in the DarkMX installation directory, on Windows it is C:\Program Files\DarkMX most of the time, although I would recommend C:\Program Files\DarkMX for DarkMX, C:\Program Files\Fopnu for Fopnu and C:\Program Files\Tixati for Tixati. Likewise, C:\Program Files\SuperSimpleServer would fit into this pattern should an official Windows installer be created for it. This would also be an excellent place to install the official Tor Expert Bundle to in C:\Program Files\Tor Project INC\Tor Expert Bundle\tor.exe for the purpose of having one Tor Binary for all of your software with the most secure torrc config for DarkMX, SuperSimpleServer and any other programs you make in the future that use Tor. Likewise it might also help reduce program size to place the latest versions of GTK3 plus GTK4, QT5 plus QT6 should you integrate these programs into a shared directory following the same standard. IE: C:\Program Files\GNOME Toolkit\GTK(3/4).dll and C:\Program Files\Q Toolkit\qt(5/6).dll and a similar pattern for any compression libraries you use as well. This would increase the longevity of your software by allowing these components to be upgraded independently of DarkMX/Fopnu/Tixati/SuperSimpleServer or any of your other programs while maintaining control over the source code for your own work as is necessary for your security model as of now.

God Bless,
by Guest on 2024/01/06 01:06:40 PM    
This can already be done.  Settings > Tor Connection > Connect to external Tor client

Start up your Tor client first.  Then you just browse to find the Tor client program folder so DarkMX can load the control cookie and everything else is automatic.

However, the built-in client really is better.  And you can watch it via the Help > Diagnostic > Raw Connections which shows details of every single circuit.

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