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Can I download files from onion site using DarkMX ?

by Guest on 2023/06/30 01:00:50 AM    
DarkMX has some pretty reliable inbuilt downloading as it just keeps going and re-establishes itself after dropouts etc

I'm trying to download some onion hosted files but they keep failing. Sometimes a file will manually resume, sometimes not.

Is there a way to add/paste onion links to DarkMX to use the download as using a standard TOR browser is so unreliable.

Any help appreciated
by Guest on 2023/07/03 05:21:06 AM    
If I understand correctly you want to use DarkMX as a downloader to download some files hosted on onion service that is not related to DarkMX in any way.

DarkMX allows downloading files shared only by other DarkMX clients. All the network connections are going under Tor network but DarkMX can connect only to other DarkMX users.

Firefox (Tor Browser) can have problems downloading something when connection breaks. You can try downloading file with other software that will try reconnecting to download the file. curl for example:

curl --socks5 localhost:9150 --max-time 10 --retry 500 --retry-max-time 40 --retry-delay 0 --connect-timeout 30 -o file https://google.com

You may need to use SOCKS port 9050 if you don't use Tor Browser.

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