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Questions and comments about the software
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by Guest on 2023/02/10 05:24:45 AM    

For obvious trust and security reasons, I wonder if there is any hope of this application becoming open-source?

by Guest on 2023/02/23 07:41:49 PM    
On the surface an open source is better for trust, unless you take into account the ease of source code manipulation that won't add trust rather opposite is true. So the best is to obtain some trust in the developer. Sounds strange but the most trust would have a hidden person that has no ties to known entity or even physical human as those conditions offer the best IRL physical security and peace of mind for the dev.

As for security - security through obscurity isn't meaningless and definitely adds positively to overall security of a product.
by Guest on 2023/04/27 10:14:40 PM    
The only valid open source license for this type of project would be the GNU Affero GPL v3 or later. Network use must count as redistribution as to make sure we can sue for the source code when copyright trolls use it to hurt the network. We will never be as big as bittorrent if we are not open source.

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