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A channel can have co-owners, but will split if more than 1 is s

by BartS on 2021/02/27 10:23:19 PM    
I created a network
I created a channel
I joined another system to the channel.
I gave channel root key to my remote system
The channel split.

Some users stayed in one side with me, other users followed the co-owner to the other side. It reminded me of the old IRC days, when the net split and the users were divided.

I am not sure yet what keeps a channel open and functioning. I hope it will not require the 'host' owner to be online, like in the old winMX days. Back then if the channel host's computer froze or crashed, the channel would break up.

The idea of multiple owners is useful.

For this single host issue, I'd suggest again what I suggested 15 years ago for winMX...have standby hosts. If the primary host falls offline, a backup host is called into service instantly.

Again, this is all new to me, so maybe if we have channel managers/OPs that will keep the channel from collapsing when the host/owner goes offline, great. Works well on tixati and better on fopnu. Just not sure how this new-fangled DarkMX will behave.

back to testing...

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