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**** DarkMX v1.24 is Now Available! ****    📌    🔒  

by janet on 2022/04/09 01:04:04 AM    
April 8, 2022


Version 1.24 has been released.  There have been many important updates:

• several optimizations in the network client / server
• CPU usage when sharing many thousands of files greatly reduced
• library updates are flushed to networks faster
• updated Linux configuration directory location
• more accurate text entry maximum length when using multi-byte Unicode characters
• fixed settings update problems when window is closed with spinbox/editbox focus
• completely new rich-text view control that is used for chat rooms, information views, and messages
• rich-text view scrollbar visibility problems solved
• much faster rich-text view rendering and re-wrapping when displaying very large text documents
• updated chat room text formatting routines, more accurate link edge detection, better link tooltips
• chat message name tags are a different color if the user is currently offline
• removed redundant chat room topic notifications
• if chat room is not online, enter key is disabled in message entry box
• removed user name change notifications from chat rooms
• fixed sorting problems for user names in chat rooms and network admin views
• network user offline user purge function now works correctly and scans more often
• network max_files config directive now properly enforced
• changed new network default max_files config directive to allow 500,000 files for normal users
• fixed corruption problem on remotely-set chat room and network information when over 60K bytes long
• fixed problems with single-column mode tree and list views showing ellipsis at wrong width
• tree and list view column headers now always correctly indicate sort direction in GTK
• fixed several program shutdown sequencing problems that could cause a rare crash
• new offline contact icon so usernames with only Unicode icons can still indicate status in contact list
• when toggling a network group selection, shared file list updates are sent to network server much sooner
• fixed problems with download connection recovery when internet connection is dropped
• can now drag-drop folders into library to add
• several minor bug-fixes and optimizations in built-in Tor client
• network add window now has checkbox to disable announcing to other connected networks
• updated IP-location tables that support flag icons in Tor diagnostic view

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