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**** DarkMX v1.23 is Now Available! ****    πŸ“Œ    πŸ”’  

by janet on 2021/11/09 07:41:54 AM    
November 9, 2021


Version 1.23 has been released. β€…The following changes have been made:

β€’ completely revised program shutdown procedures, much faster exit
β€’ streamlined Library loading and saving
β€’ memory optimizations for Library when very large number of files shared
β€’ fixed problem with Library folder watch detecting nested folder name changes
β€’ added Library setting to skip initial scan on program startup
β€’ added command-line switch -noinitscan to suppress Library initial scan on startup
β€’ fixed minor problems in GTK build with chat room text entry box background color change
β€’ fixed crash on Windows 7 machines upon rare recursion overflow in message loop
β€’ fixed problems with mouse-wheel scrolling on Windows 7 and older
β€’ chat rooms now display date notifications properly when using timestamps
β€’ fixed rendering problems with bandwidth/CPU/memory charts when displaying large quantities
β€’ added option to Chat Room creation window to enable/disable advertising to networks
β€’ minor fixes to upload/download display formatting
β€’ a few other minor fixes in the GUI

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