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**** DarkMX v1.27 is Now Available! ****    πŸ“Œ    πŸ”’  

by janet on 2023/01/29 01:49:32 PM    
January 29, 2023


Version 1.27 has been released. β€…The following changes were made:

β€’ several updates to internal Tor client
β€’ updated Tor authoritative directory list
β€’ new IsolatePID option for external Tor client
β€’ updated internal HTTP server for web connections
β€’ internal HTTP server fully supports gzip/deflate/brotli compression
β€’ optimized config file decompression routines for much faster program loading
β€’ program shutdown and saving of config files is much faster
β€’ eliminated network/channel response delays when downloading large information updates
β€’ increased per-connection bandwidth limits on channel/network connections
β€’ improved large information upload procedures for non-host managers/owners
β€’ new full-featured WYSIWYG editor for user/channel/network information editing
β€’ upgraded rich-text controls for info/message/chat/log views
β€’ completely revised Windows message loop with precise CPU usage throttling
β€’ using xdg-mime instead of gconftool for file/protocol association in GTK build
β€’ networks now track total files/bytes/users in advertised networks and embed in gather response
β€’ single-line edit control in chat rooms now handles pasting multi-line text much better
β€’ many other minor fixes throughout the program

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